May 14, 2020

REACH VIRTUALLY: Pivoting to lead a scattered church and engage new people with the good news.

The first of a series of seven webinars, REACH VIRTUALLY was led by Gina Mueller and Rev. Dr. Michael Beck.

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About this Session

Drawing on their experiences of successfully taking ministry online, Gina and Michael identified strategies and methods you can apply to your own efforts to reach new people in the digital world. This is especially relevant when churches cannot gather in person. Participants learned how to take ministry to the people when the people can’t come to church!

Frist, Gina gave us fresh eyes to help us see opportunity where we may have missed it in the past. Second, we looked at specific ways to engage new people using Fresh Expression examples. Michael gave us an up close look at a variety of online micro-communities, how they were built, and how they are engaging new people with the good news.

About the Speakers

Gina Mueller is a discipleship specialist with 3D Movements who can help us see the new mental map that is energizing ministry pioneers today. She offers fresh eyes to see opportunity and strategy where we may have not looked in the past. 

Rev. Dr. Michael Beck comes with deep experience in taking ministry to people when they do not come to us. As a Fresh Expressions seasoned entrepreneur and pastor of Wildwood UMC in Ocala, Florida, he offers tested and proven methods to engage new people online.

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Photo of Michael Beck