April 14, 2021

1 p.m. CDT / Noon MDT

REACH! MAKE MORE OF FALL 2021: Re-launching Post-Pandemic Public Worship with Purpose


About this Session

Fall 2021 will be a unique window for ministry. We hope and trust that physical gatherings will be safe right around the end of summer vacation. Community gathering will feel like a lost luxury that has been recovered. It will be a special time for our churches, as well as for unchurched or under-churched people in our communities.

Now is the time to plan for your church to show radical hospitality and invitation to your community. Welcome Back Weekend training will provide a roadmap for your church to use as you plan to engage new people in fall 2021! 

By attending this webinar, church leaders will learn about:

  • An overall strategy to re-engage your wider neighborhood and community in the post-COVID era.
  • A five month preparation “runway” to help pastors and their teams make the most of their launching public worship fall 2021.
  • Detailed action steps for each month relative to five key teams.
  • Recommended resources and strategies that have been field tested to help leaders effectively engage new people.
  • Affiliation and peer connection with others who want to make much of this unique opportunity.

Presentation materials and a recording will be available on this page shortly after the event.

About the Speaker

Rev. Ben Ingrebretson is the Dakotas-Minnesota Area’s director of new church development. His work includes strategically identifying areas and audiences ripe for new churches, including multi-site ministries and cultivating partner/parent churches that can reach into those areas. He provides direction, resources, training, and appropriate intervention for effective stewardship of people and resources.

Headshot photo of Ron Bell