June 15, 2021

2 p.m. CDT / 1 p.m. MDT

REACH! Evangelism and Growth Strategies You Can Use!

This REACH! event was led by Rev. Fred Vanderwerf, superintendent of the Southern Prairie District and by Rev. Ben Ingebretson, the Dakotas-Minnesota Area’s director of new church development.

About this Session

Post-pandemic will be a unique time for local engagement and invitation. Now is the time for fresh efforts to engage new people with the good news of Jesus. This 90-minute webinar will equip you with 10 “doable” strategies your congregation can put to use to build trust, relationship and engagement with new people.

    About the Speakers

    Rev. Ben Ingebretson is the Dakotas-Minnesota Area’s director of new church development. His work includes strategically identifying areas and audiences ripe for new churches, including multi-site ministries and cultivating partner/parent churches that can reach into those areas. He provides direction, resources, training, and appropriate intervention for effective stewardship of people and resources.

    Rev. Fred Vanderwerf superintends the work in the Southern Prairie District. He oversee churches and pastors in the district.

    Headshot photo of Ron Bell
    Headshot photo of Rev. Fred Vanderwerf