Nov. 12, 2020

Noon-1:30 p.m. CDT

REACH BEYOND Online Worship

This REACH! webinar was led by Revs. Rachel Gilmore and Josh Meyer and focuesd on doable discipleship strategies.  

Presentation Recording and Materials

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About this Session

Ready to go beyond online worship to online discipleship? Ready to engage people beyond Sunday?

REACH BEYOND Online Worship featured doable, practical tips on how to take the next step as a pioneer in online ministry. COVID-19 is here for ministry into 2021. Do more than survive it—we can go deeper and further with people in their discipleship. Rev. Rachel Gilmore, online ministry coach and trainer with PATH 1, will be joined by other local practitioners to share their top performing online discipleship tools.

About the Speaker

Rev. Rachel Gilmore is a graduate of Duke Divinity school whose first appointment, in 2009, was to plant a church in Virginia Beach. The church grew from 10 people to over 400 people active in the life of the church within 10 years. She launched online Facebook devotionals in 2016 which averaged 200 in attendance and started a digital discipleship program at her church in 2018. In 2019, Rachel joined the staff at Path 1/Discipleship Ministries as the Director of Recruiting, Assessing and Training for lay and clergy church planters. She has designed trainings that have been used by half a dozen denominations on four continents and has contributed to four books related to church planting in the last year. You can listen to her weekly “Field Preachers” podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud. She is married to another United Methodist elder and they have two children who also consider themselves to be church planters!

Headshot of Rachel Gilmore.