About Reach!

In October, 2018, about 500 United Methodists from the Dakotas and Minnesota Annual Conferences came together to gain knowledge and resources to pursue the evangelistic task with new energy.

Reach! provided a focused opportunity to enter afresh the challenging work of sharing Jesus with new people. All the sessions were led by people who have “mud on their shoes” as a result of being in the field, engaging their communities and neighbors with Jesus.  Attendees got practical suggestions for their own context, as well as some motivation from Bishop Ough!

The 2018 Reach! team thanks you for attending! We eagerly anticipate seeing what the Spirit does through you as you take this new knowledge and energy to reach new people for Jesus’ sake!

What resources are available now?

  • Articles from the Reach! event that summarize the key points of the keynote speakers and other leaders
  • Videos of each keynote speaker and accompanying study guides you can use with a small or large group
  • Presentation materials from each speaker and workshop leader (PowerPoints, presentation notes, or other materials)

When is the next Reach! conference?

We plan to hold another Reach! event in either 2019 or 2020, full of new speakers and workshops and even deeper insights for reaching new people in your context. Stay tuned for communcations from the Minnesota Conference and the Dakotas Conference with more details.