About Reach!

In 2018, about 500 United Methodists from the Dakotas and Minnesota Annual Conferences came together to gain knowledge and resources to pursue the evangelistic task with new energy.

In 2020, we brought expert speakers to present a series of fully online sessions. These webinars provided focused opportunities to enter afresh the challenging work of sharing Jesus with new people.

All the webinars were led by people who have “mud on their shoes” as a result of being in the field, engaging their communities and neighbors with Jesus. Attendees got practical insights and information on each subject. Attendees also benefited from extensive Q&A time with the experts to really understand the material and get advice applying it to your own context!

The Reach! team at the Minnesota Conference and the Dakotas Conference eagerly anticipate seeing what the Spirit does through you as you take this new knowledge and energy to reach new people for Jesus’ sake!


What resources will be made available in the days after each webinar?

  • Video recordings of each speaker’s webinar and accompanying presentation materials from each speaker (PowerPoints, presentation notes, or other materials)
  • Articles about each webinar that summarize the key points of the speakers